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© 2017  Fatal Malady - Redesigns By Justin Lucero



  Our fans are what make us. As a band we try to keep that in mind with everything we do. The name “Fatal Malady” was in fact a terminology that was slowly defining us at a time of despair. We now utilize the negatives that can surround our everyday lives as humans attempting to coexist. We strive to mold this into a more positive outlook through our music and our art. Although it’s dark, edgy, and certainly controversial, we have a purpose to spread awareness. The definition of fatal is something that causes death or that leads to failure or disaster. fated; destined; inevitably important in its outcome; fateful; decisive...disastrously concerned with or determining fate.


A malady is an illness, like a disease that keeps you home, sick in bed for days, or something that causes you to have trouble or to suffer, like jet lag — a malady that affects travelers. Malady, pronounced "MAL-uh-dee," comes from the Latin words male, meaning "bad or ill".


There is a sickness that has afflicted the world we live in. A malady, a disease. Everywhere we look there is apathy over suffering, there are people in pain, those who genuinely need assistance to care for the most basic needs of human survival. World leaders, politicians, and governmental structure has failed to solve these problems for the masses, and yet they retain the best healthcare and the finest pensions. This inequity inevitably results in civil unrest which manifests itself in a multitude of ways. Somehow, when the voices cry out, the finger points to these very voices as the problem.

       We say through our art and through our music as best we can: WE HEAR YOU.

       May those who suffer be comforted knowing there are those who suffer with them. May those who carry the pain on the inside receive peace knowing that we endure the pain alongside them. May those who suffer loss and injustice become stronger and raise your voices, because we will never create a better future for ourselves, until we learn the lesson in pain from the one we left behind.

- FM -


The album "Burn" is the first full length effort for the Boys of Bone.

10 tracks carved straight from life experiences, pain, loss, and a complete disgust over the socio-political element we see infecting our nation today.

The title track, Burn, speaks out against abuse and neglect of children, something that hits close to home for many of us.

The music video for Burn tells the story of an abused young man who gathers strength from his future self, and manages to metaphorically break free from the trauma that would surely break him.

The tracks "America" and "Lesson in Pain" are scathing diatribes against inequality, injustice, and abuse of power- both in organized religion and in government.

Burn is an emotional outpouring both musically and lyrically, which belies the reason that Fatal Malady appears on stage as flesh-less skeletal figures. We have stripped ourselves bare of all pretense and facade. We have become vulnerable and exposed.

We challenge our listeners to do the same.


Say what you mean, do what you know is right, live like tomorrow may never come, but plan to live forever.

Long live rock n roll you beautiful people, and let's let the rest of them burn.

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