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  Fatal Malady is an American heavy metal band from Phoenix, Arizona. The band was formed by Vocalist Clinton Rackley and Drummer William Allen in 2011. Their first recording demo was put out shortly after during the next year which was self titled under the band name Fatal Malady. Upon the release of their EP they submitted it to 98KUPD's radio show where they aired their song "Resting Place " which received a high response with Listeners of the show to Later being one of the top Listened to songs on their Reverberation page. Due to their theatrical appearance in black and white skull face paint they've been given the nicknames " The Boys Of Bone" and among them their fans have been called " The Skeleton Death Squad".

       May 5th 2018 they released their debut album titled " Burn " along with the music video for the song " Burn " gaining themselves a bigger following. In just a short time Fatal Malady has been becoming a sensation in their local scenes of Phoenix, Arizona playing in venues such as the Rockbar Inc., The Marquee, and Joe's Grotto. Fatal Malady has had the opportunity to play with some of the biggest names in music entertainment such as Ice T's Rap Metal band Body Count along with Dave Ellefson ,from Megadeth in his most recent project Bass Story. Their music features simple to complex arrangements with fast rhythm sections, and lyrical themes dealing in topics of war, death, religion, social issues and substance abuse .


The album "Burn" is the first full length effort for the Boys of Bone. 10 tracks carved straight from life experiences, pain, loss, and a complete disgust over the socio-political element we see infecting our nation today. The title track, Burn, speaks out against abuse and neglect of children, something that hits close to home for many of us. The music video for Burn tells the story of an abused young man who gathers strength from his future self, and manages to metaphorically break free from the trauma that would surely break him. The tracks "America" and "Lesson in Pain" are scathing diatribes against inequality, injustice, and abuse of power- both in organized religion and in government. Burn is an emotional outpouring both musically and lyrically, which belies the reason that Fatal Malady appears on stage as flesh-less skeletal figures. We have stripped ourselves bare of all pretense and facade.


We have become vulnerable and exposed. We challenge our listeners to do the same.Say what you mean, do what you know is right, live like tomorrow may never come, but plan to live forever. Long live rock n roll you beautiful people, and let's let the rest of them burn.

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Fatal Malady Music Videos

Fatal Malady Music Videos

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